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Would you like an instant quote for stump grinding?  Text us a picture of your stump(s) along with a can or bottle for size comparison.  We’ll text you back a quote within minutes.

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Residential Stump Removal Specialists

Concerned about your lawn?  So are we.  That’s why we’ve chosen to use one of the lightest, low-impact, tracked stump grinders on the market.  Our light, but powerful machine generates under 5 pounds of pressure per square inch on your yard.  Your grass will thank you when you choose us to remove your tree stumps.

Have a narrow gate to your yard?  Obstacles in the way?  Stump located in a raised flower bed?  Uprooted stump?  No problem, we love to remove challenging stumps!

Alexis Lucas Hunley

Ashland, VA

Super fast, and great prices!

Laura Anderson

Midlothian, VA

They arrived on time and all work was completed in a professional manner surpassing my expectations. All grinding debris were cleaned perfectly.

I will certainly keep their number and call them when needed and will not hesitate to refer friends their way.

Antonio Amato

Mosely, VA

Highly recommend and very good price.

Husband and Wife Team

We’re a 2 person stump grinding team with a truck and stump grinder.  We keep our costs down and pass the savings onto you.

Stumps Ground


of those Stumps Demolished

Counties - Richmond, Chesterfield, Powhatan, Henrico, Goochland, Hanover, Amelia, Cumberland, Dinwiddie, Prince George, Charles City, and New Kent.

Why is Susan jumping & stomping? If there’s a mound of anything in your yard, you can bet your children and pets will be running all over it.  Pack down those wood chips and loose dirt. No squishy, ankle turning mounds on her watch.

Stump Grinding in Chesterfield Virginia

Grinding stumps, isn't just something we do on the side. It's all we do. We're 100% stump grinding all the time. Large stumps, small stumps, tricky to get to stumps, or maybe you're simply looking for people you can trust to do a great job. We've got you covered....

5 Things to Know Before Renting a Stump Grinder

There are a few types of stump grinders. For rental purposes, you are only likely to encounter the 2 most common: manually-propelled or self-propelled. Choosing a manually-propelled model will save you money. Choosing a self-propelled model will save your back. Costs...

Instant Quotes

We make it easy to get a quote for removing your stumps. Just text us a picture of your stump(s) with a can or bottle for size comparison. We'll text you back a quote. It's fast, it's easy, and you'll know the cost for stump grinding now.