What does stump grinding cost?  Stump grinding in Richmond, Chesterfield, Hanover, Central Virginia, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, or any of the surrounding areas is priced on the low side of the national average.

What does that mean for you? The larger tree services in the Richmond area will often require a minimum of $400+ per job.

We’re a small operation (just 2 people),  we do not require a minimum total cost per job in the Greater Richmond Area.  In most cases we’ll remove your first stump (5 gallon bucket sized stumps) for about *135 and each additional stump for about half that.

For large jobs you can also rent with an operator and worker included, a half day is 585.  We are often asked how many stumps can be ground in 4 hours.  The answer depends on many factors, mainly the size of the stumps.  A particularly large stump can take 4+ hours.  2-4 average size stumps can be removed each hour.  5-7 small stumps, the size of a 5 gallon bucket can be grinded to mulch in about an hour.

*A few factors that can affect the cost for stump removal are: if the ground is swollen around the stump (groundswell), the accessibility of the stump, slopes, size, above ground roots, tall stumps (over 20″), and obstacles. If you have any of those issues, you’ll need an estimate to get accurate pricing.

What about bulk discounts? Absolutely, when you have many stumps to be removed from a single location, costs per stump will drop dramatically.  Every job builds in the costs of travel, set up, loading, and unloading the stump grinder.  When a single stump grinding job will take a whole day or longer, the pricing could be half of the standard rates.

What about renting a stump grinder, can you save money that way? Maybe, but the savings are likely to be disappointing. A professional stump grinder with properly maintained equipment can work many times faster than a DIY renter.  In most cases, we charge a little less than a customer would pay to do it themselves, particularly on jobs with just 1 or 2 average sized stumps.

Would you like an instant estimate? Just text us a picture of your stump(s) with a can or bottle for size comparison.