1. There are a few types of stump grinders. For rental purposes, you are only likely to encounter the 2 most common: manually-propelled or self-propelled. Choosing a manually-propelled model will save you money. Choosing a self-propelled model will save your back.
  2. Costs tend to run $150-$450 per day. Expect to pay $150+ per day for the manual style stump grinders with around 13hp. Self propelled models usually start at $325+ per day. A machine like the one we use (38hp tracked stump grinder) would run about $450 per day with a trailer, a little less if you already own a trailer capable of handling the payload.
  3. The amount of stump grinding you can accomplish in a day will depend on a few factors: the horsepower of the machine, the sharpness of the teeth, your experience with stump grinders, and the reliability of the machine. Most rental units have rounded teeth, which greatly slows down the work.
  4. If you only have a few stumps to grind, the costs of renting and doing it yourself are probably going to be higher than simply using a professional stump grinding service. Our pricing for taking care of 3 medium sized stumps usually runs around $125. That means you’d save $25 by hiring us plus a day of back-breaking work with a manual stump grinder.
  5. If you have many stumps, you may save some money by doing it yourself with a self-propelled machine for $400+ per day. However, if the teeth are dull and the machine has any issues, you may save money by hiring a pro.

Are we discouraging you from renting? No, doing it yourself can be fun and rewarding. However, if saving money is your primary motive for renting, you should be aware that the costs tend to be comparable. Often, you’ll save money by having a professional remove your stumps.

Get a quote from us and compare, it’s likely you’ll be pleasantly surprised.