If you’re in need of stump grinding services, you may be concerned about whether the equipment can fit through gates or alleyways to access your backyard. But with Bloom Stump Removal, you won’t have to worry. Our narrow and lightweight stump grinder only requires a 30 inch wide opening to get through – that’s about the width of a standard doorway!

But it’s not just about fitting through tight spaces – our slim stump grinder has plenty of other benefits as well. Here are just a few:

  • Minimal disruption: With a smaller footprint, our stump grinder causes less disruption to your property. This is especially important if you have a small yard or are working in a confined space.

  • Less damage to lawns: Our lightweight grinder is easier on your lawn, causing less damage to the grass and soil. This means that your lawn will be back to normal in no time after the stump grinding is complete.

  • Access to front yards: In some cases, our slim stump grinder can even access front yards through narrow gates or alleyways. This means that no matter where your stump is located, we can get to it!

So don’t let tight spaces deter you from getting the stump grinding services you need. With Bloom Stump Removal’s slim and trim grinder, we can access even the most confined areas with ease. So why wait? Contact us today to schedule your stump grinding service and say goodbye to that pesky stump once and for all!