Grinding stumps, isn’t just something we do on the side. It’s all we do. We’re 100% stump grinding all the time.

Large stumps, small stumps, tricky to get to stumps, or maybe you’re simply looking for people you can trust to do a great job. We’ve got you covered.

Stump grinding in Chesterfield, VA covers a large area. Brandermill, Midlothian, Woodlake, Bonair, Chester, Moseley, Bexley, Winterpock, Salisbury, Huguenot, Stony Point, Pocoshock and that’s barely touching the surface.

When grinding stumps throughout Chesterfield county, we’ve come across tree stumps of all ages and sizes. Each stump has it’s own story to tell. Stumps may all look the same to the average observer, but a true stump specialist knows it’s what’s under the ground that counts. We’ve come across giant hordes of river rock strewn throughout the root and base of stumps.

River rocks removed from 1 single stump.

James River water levels have changed throughout the course of time, having ebbed and flowed through parts of Chesterfield, long forgotten by local residents. The trees, however, hold onto the memories and the river rock.

Instant stump removal quotes available by text.

  • Place a measuring tape or even can or bottle on your stumps. Anything easily recognizable by size. This will help us to determine the size of the stump.
  • Take a photo of your stump(s).
  • Text your address and photos to (804) 709-6495

That’s it! We’ll text you back a quote, usually within minutes.